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Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

To acquire the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, a student, in addition to having successfully completed the class and unit requirements for an associate of arts degree (as listed in the previous section) must successfully complete the following courses. A transfer student may have completed equivalent classes at another school, which may on an individual basis be determined by California American University administration to be transferable. If previously taken classes are determined to be transferable then the unit credit previously earned will be applied toward the B. A. degree at California American University. However, no more than 134 quarter units can be transferred under any circumstances. 



  • ENG 301 Expository Writing II 

  • ENG 302 Communication Theory 

  • MATH 301 Quantitative Methods in Business 

  • BA 301 Principals of Marketing 

  • BA 302 Applied Business and Economic Statistics 

  • BA 303 Production and Operations Management 

  • BA 304 Business Finance 

  • BA 305 Business Responsibilities in Society 

  • BA 306 Money, Banking and the Economy 

  • BA 307 Economics of the Business Firm 

  • BA 308 Managerial Accounting 

  • BA 309 Management Information Systems 

  • BA 401 Management Theory and Practice 

  • BA 402 Management and Organization Theory 

  • BA 403 Integrated Decision Making-Business 

  • BA 404 Comparative Management 

  • BA 405 Business Communications 

  • IBA 401 International Business 

  • IBA 402 International Marketing Management 

  • IBA 403 Principals of International Economics 

  • IBA 404 Import-Export Management 

  • IBA 405 Multinational Financial Management 

  • IBA 406 Public-Relations Methods for Multinational Business