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California American University is proud to offer the Science of Success journal and interviews for entrepreneurs, students and anyone who wants to learn more about the actual science and empirical data of success methodology used by corporations, athletes and for individual goals such as health and parenting. We will be offering journal articles written by professors, PhDs and MDs on a variety of success principles. We also will be conducting interviews with highly successful CEOs, business owners and other entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide information from the business, health and motivational realms to increase knowledge of how to achieve realistic and measureable goals for institutions and individuals.


Jonathan Goulstine: Jonathan Goulstine is the CEO of Ensign and Rapid Bid USA. His university studied and proven technologies are saving companies 50% of their time and increasing productivity 30% to 80%. CAU and Jonathan discuss the science of success when it comes to businesses in the 21st century corporations.

Journal articles and books

One of the most vital areas for businesses to consider is the area of motivation of employees. Unfortunately, one key aspect of research that is often ignored is parenting. Research has shown that when employees are success as parents, they will be far more successful for the companies where they are employed.

  • According to Bensinger, DuPont & Associates, 47% of employees performance are significantly impacted by personal problems.

  • 95% of parents have at least one working parent in the household

  • 40% of breadwinners are now Moms. 63% of these Moms are single (Huffington Post, 2013).

  • Having happy employees increases profits 22.2% (Forbes, 2014).

  • Overall, 60% of young people reported being "completely satisfied" with their family situation, while that number dropped to 55% in families with a mother who was unhappy in her relationship. And for kids of moms who were happy in their relationships, the "completely satisfied" group rose to 73%.

BabyFirstTV has conducted multiple university studies and written a book with lead author Dr. Todd Eller entitled TV or NOT TV: How to use media to start your child on a path to success.